Thursday, October 23, 2008


Fall is full of soccer, soccer, soccer, football, golf, biking and hiking, climbing, and Tres and I love it. It helps the transitions from spending time with the grandkids to them being gone alot because of school . Weekdays seem extra long and weekends extra short. All the kids had great seasons, of soccer goals and touchdowns, birdies and hikes in the mountain. Next year we hope a few more bike rides and walks along the Weber Trail (more time with the N.Y. family). All the moments with them and their parents make our lives full of light. They are our inspiration and we love them so much. With Seth turning 15 we just request they all slow down growing up, they are all so awesome we want more time so we need to spread the years out a little longer.

Sage Golfing

Utah Cheerleader in Training